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Does This Apply To Me?

Your Ductless Mini Split Is Filthy.

Sure, It Looks Clean. Maybe you even vacuumed the filters once. But inside, behind the coils, there’s a VERY good chance the blower wheel – and more – is LOADED with Mold and Mildew.

So What Do You Do?
(Hint: Get It Professionally Cleaned – With Flanders!)

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Announcing Our Brand New Service

We’re excited to announce our new Ductless Cleaning Service, offering professional, and Afforadble, state-of-the-art ductless cleaning! No matter who installed your system Flanders can clean it! And right now we’re offering a complete full-service cleaning of BOTH an indoor head AND an outdoor condenser for ONLY $189.95!

This isn’t just a filter cleaning, it’s a COMPLETE cleaning of the ENTIRE system, inside and out, for ONLY $189.95 during our Pre-Season Ductless Cleaning Event!

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Now’s The Time For A Ductless Deep Clean!

Take Advantage Of:

  • Special Pre-Season Special Pricing!
  • No Contract or Service Agreements, You Don’t Even Need to be an Existing Flanders Customer!

*Offer Applies to 1 (one) total system unit (Condenser plus Indoor Head) only: Additional Heads Cleaned at $99 per unit.  Some restrictions may apply. Cannot Combine w/Other Offers.  See dealer for ALL details. Expires 04/30/20


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